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Isomalt Sugar Pearls, A Healthier Sugar Substitute

Isomalt Sugar Pearls, A Healthier Sugar Substitute

What is Isomalt

Isomalt is a natural sugar substitute or sweetener. That's right it's natural. What's better is that creations made from isomalt have the same texture, appearance and flavour as those made with sugar.

Isomalt presents benefits that suit a healthier lifestyle and diet. Individuals adapting a healthier, sugar-free diet usually find that their food choices become limited. With isomalt that doesn't have to be the case. In essence, isomalt is the perfect substitute for those individuals who want to cut back on sugar and still enjoy their favourite desserts or snacks.

On top of that, isomalt is also suitable for use in products for diabetics, mainly because it has very low impact on our blood sugar level.

There is more to this sugar substitute, check out it's full list of advantages below:

General Advantages of Isomalt

  • Lower in calories then sugar
  • Low impact to blood sugar level
  • Does not promote tooth decay
  • Derived from natural sugar
  • Taste just like sugar candy
  • Perfect for sugar sculpting

As a ingredient isomalt is an odourless, white, crystalline substance. It is perfect for sugar sculpting and candy making because it is excellent at resisting crystallisation, has a high temperature resistance and all its other advantages listed below.

Advantages of Isomalt For Sugar Sculpting And Candy Making

Isomalt is preferred over sugar because...

  • Convenient i.e. no added water or glucose needed when cooking
  • High temperature resistant i.e. it does not easily turn brown in-comparison to sugar that browns and caramelises.
  • Excellent resistance to humidity i.e. does not readily absorb moisture from the air hence it remains clear or does not cloud
  • Shorter cooking time
  • Better shining properties
  • Longer shelf life

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