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Christmas Treats Decoration Ideas by Wilton

Christmas Treats Decoration Ideas by Wilton

We love Wilton. They are always sharing creative yet simple baking ideas. These Christmas themed treats are a few favourites.

How To make Christmas and Coffee Mug Cookies

Christmas without cookies - where's the fun in that?  This video shows a simple way to decorate heart shaped cookies with holiday lights, and coffee-mug shaped cookies in plaid with green and red Christmas colours. 

These decorations are made with royal icing and detailed using edible marker. 

You know what else, these cookies also make a great gift for friends and family.

How To Make A Christmas Reindeer 

Santa's reindeer is always helping Santa deliver presents.  Not this reindeer though, this one is more than ready to deliver a delicious Christmas cake to your family. 

It's imperfectly perfect, easy to make, and we absolutely love those giant antlers.

Christmas Treats for Santa and Reindeer

When Santa drops by this Christmas be sure to have these treats ready for him and the reindeer. 

Christmas Eve is a busy time for them and I bet these treats will definitely help to fuel the way.

If you're up for some delicate work, just some and not more, this is perfect. It's something different and just looking at it gives a cosy feel. 

We know Santa loves milk and cookies, but I'm sure he'll extra love this personalised treats.

How to Make Christmas Tree and Santa Hat Cupcakes

I've saved the best for last - this is my favourite and I'm sure the kids would love it.

So you know the Christmas Tree and Santa Hat Cupcakes is my favourite. Which one is yours?

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