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WILTON, Icing Gel Food Colour Set, 12 Colours

RM 55.00

Icing Gel Food Colour Set, 12 Colours

With these 12 colour, you can tint your icing almost any shade. The concentrated gel-based formula gives your buttercream, royal icing or cake batter a beautiful colour without thinning it out.

     •   Gel-based colour that is perfect for cake batter, buttercream frosting or royal icing 

     •   Does not change the consistency

     •   Contains twelve 0.5 oz. (28.3 g) jars

     •   Certified Kosher

     •   Made in the USA

Set Includes

     •   Kelly Green

     •   Violet 

     •   Pink 

     •   Brown 

     •   Lemon Yellow 

     •   Black 

     •   Red 

     •   Royal Blue 

     •   Golden Yellow 

     •   Burgundy 

     •   Teal 

     •   Copper 

Volume: 0.5oz per colour

Made in the USA

Expiry: 01.05.2022

Packing: 1 set x 12 colours