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WILTON, Icing Gel Colour Set, 8 Colours

RM 40.30

Icing Gel Colour Set, 8 Colours

This concentrated gel-base formula gives royal icing or buttercream a beautiful colour without the thinning. 

These 8 colours is enough to let you create almost any shade. The concentrated gel-based formula gives your buttercream or royal icing a beautiful hue without thinning or change in consistency.


     •   Leaf Green

     •   Lemon Yellow

     •   Christmas Red

     •   Sky Blue

     •   Brown

     •   Orange

     •   Pink

     •   Violet

Volume: 0.5 oz per colour

Certified Kosher

Made in the USA


     •   Achieve almost any shade of colour 

     •   Does not change consistency of buttercream or royal icing

Expiry: 28.05.2022

Packing: 1 set x 8 colours