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Pavoni, Pavocake, Silicone Cake Mould, KE003

RM 119.40


Silicone Cake Mould

Model: KE003

This single piece cake mould is designed to make it easier and faster for baker's to bake cakes that have a different look.


     •   Perfect for single cake production.

     •   Moulds cakes, coated cakes, ice creams, jellies and more.

     •   Easy demould when chilled correctly or after blast freezing.

     •   Bakestable & freezstable : -40° to +280° C.

Packing: per piece

Brand: Pavoni

Made in Italy


Pavoni silicone products are made only from 100% PLATINUM-CURED SILICONE which conforms to EU standards. 

The silicone manufacturing process uses platinum, a noble metal, as a primary catalyst, to ensure the end material is of excellent quality, suitable for contact with food, completely non-toxicodourlessflavourless and definitely safe at very high temperatures.

This allows Pavoni to deliver extremely high product performance.