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Oxygen Water Siphon DIY Oxygen Water For Good Health, 1W2101

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ITIS OXYGEN SIPHON is the only oxygen water with highest concentration, 2000mg per litre of water.

This oxygen siphon makes oxygen water, where drinking water is infused with oxygen that is much needed by the human body.

Our cells need both nutrients & oxygen to be healthy but most of us suffer from lack of oxygen. Whether from improper breathing, poor diets, air pollution or lack of exercise, our cells are being deprived of this vital element. When our cells are starved of oxygen, our immune system is weakened.

Drinking oxygen water is one easy way to increase your oxygen intake. Plus with this ITIS Oxygen Siphon and Oxygen Chargers you can now make oxygen water at the comfort of your own home.

The potential benefits that have been experienced by individuals who regularly consume oxygenated water includes:

• Improved muscle recovery following exercise

Enhanced mental alertness

Overall general well being

Reduced stress and anxiety


Dr. Otto Warburg, 2 times Nobel winner said:-

"there are 2 ways to absorb oxygen of human, one is through lung (breath system) another is through stomach and intestine (digest system)".

Another report from Germany Dr. Forth W, Adam O:-

"Uptake of oxygen from the intestine - experiments with rabbits "shows how the oxygen through intestine absorbs".

Prof. Dr Josept Pucsok, Candidate of SportsInstituteof Medicine.

Lacticacid is broken down in the liver and this process oxygen is needed. (The oxygen level of the liver can be increased from 8% up to 43% after drinking oxygenated water. ) If there is more oxygen in the body, then these differences can be experienced during sports:

• Increased physical performance

• Reduced fatigue during exertion

• Delayed onset of fatigue

• Improved recovery time to normal resting state following exertion

• At resting state, it can significantly reduce the grade of tension withing the pre-stressed muscles after activity.

Volume: 1.0 Litre

Packing: per piece

Brand: ITIS (Taiwan)

Used with: ITIS, O² Charger

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