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Novacart, Ecos Series, Paper Baking Mold, Square, 10-pcs

RM 6.00

Paper Baking Mold, Square

Baking mold in pure cellulose brown cardboard.

The ECOS 100x100-30 TM single-dose baking mold is a baking shape in paper with a rolled edge. The pure cellulose paper is resistant to food fats and can withstand both freezing and baking up to 220°C. The elegant design, in brown color, makes it suitable for the presentation of the finished product.


     • Size: 100 x 100 x 30(h) mm

     • Freezer and oven safe up to 220°C

     • Capacity in liters: 0.33 liters


High density twin-proof pure cellulose paper, manufactured from TCF pulp with high chemical purity.
Internal side treated with silicone (0,6 gsm), grease-proof and water-proof,light brown mass colored .
External side treated with silicone (0,1 gsm) and light brown mass colored .

Packing: 1 pkt x 10 pcs

Brand: Novacart (USA)