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edible printable wafer paper a4.png

Edible Wafer Paper, A4, 10 Printable Sheets

RM 10.20

Edible Wafer Paper For Printing

Wafer paper can be directly printed with edible ink. The product can either be used directly for baking on biscuits, nougat etc. or as (printed) decoration on all types of baked and other food products.

Wafer paper is GMO free.


Potato starch 86,2 %, water8,7 %, olive oil 3,2 %, maltodextrin 1,9 % 


Weight: 7 grams per sheet (Tolerance 10% ) 

Colour: off – white 

Thickness: 0.4 mm

Size: A4

Packing: 1 packet x 10 sheets