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Dreidoppel, Fond Royal, Neutral, Mousse Premix, 2.5 kg

RM 131.25

Fond Royal, Neutral

Neutral Flavour Mousse Premix

Fond Royal Neutral is the perfect base for your mousse. 

The best idea since whipped cream: Fond Royal is two great things in one package. 

A special gelatine based stabilising agent for cold preparation is combined with sweetening and flavour. 

This “all-inclusive” cream preparation lets you create great recipes from whipped cream as easy as one-two-three. 

And you can be sure your customers will enjoy them: Fond Royal tastes great, too. 

The sweetening is all natural and well balanced for whipped cream.


200 g Fond Royal

250 g Water

1,000 g Whipped Cream

Brand: Dreidoppel (Germany)