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DREIDOPPEL, Eisan Powder, Meringue Powder, Egg White Substitute, Germany, 100 grams, 3 bottles

RM 41.40

Eisan Powder (Meringue Powder)

Egg White Substitute

Great for making meringues, royal icing and anything else that calls for egg whites

Eisan is an sugar-egg white meringue powder. 

100 g Eisan = 7 egg whites, grade 4 

Packing: 1 bottle x 100 grams [REPACKED]

Brand: DREIDOPPEL (Germany)

Meringue Recipe


Eisan, 160 g

Water, 1 liter

Sugar, 2 kg


Beat Eisan and water briefly. Then, gradually add in 2 kg of castor sugar. 

Pipe the meringue and leave to dry overnight in an oven at 50° C.

Packing : 3 bottles x 100 g