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Dreidoppel, Compound Strawberry Paste

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Compound Strawberry Paste

The queen of fruits in a gorgeous strawberry color and a very fruity taste. This product comes with natural flavor and is bake stable.

Strawberry flavor for fine pastry are preparations for the flavoring of fine pastries, desserts, chocolates and fillings. You can either use dairy cream, as well as non-dairy cream or even buttercream.

Dreidoppel flavours are the finest bakery flavorings available.

Used by pastry professionals for flavoring a wide variety of bakery products:
     •   Whipped cream,
     •   Fillings, buttercream and mousses
     •   Cake batters
     •   Fondant, ganache and ice cream bases
     •   Cream cheese fillings

Product advantages:
     •   Intense Flavor
     •   Reliable Color
     •   Distinctive taste and consistent quality
     •   Bake stable
     •   Always available and "in season".
     •   Dosage:  3-5%

Packing: 1 bottle x 1kg

Brand: Dreidoppel (Germany)

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