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Demarle, Silpat Sheet, (For 40 x 60 cm Tray)

RM 112.30

Silpat Sheet

SILPAT® is the original non-stick baking liner. SILPAT® products never need greasing and can be used without parchment paper. 

This products saves you time and money and also reduces waste in our environment.

It is ideal for use when creating Danish pastries, baking biscuits, working with sugar and all sugary and salted preparations. 

SILPAT is food safe because it is made of fiberglass and food grade silicone.

Nothing sticks to SILPAT®!

Bake & freeze stable from -40°C to +250°C. 


Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

Packing: per piece

Brand: Demarle (France)