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Dawn, Richcreme Base, Creme Cake Mix, 500 g [HALAL]

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Dawn, Richcreme Base

Cream Cake Mix

Create cakes with fantastic flavour, extra moist texture, and excellent eye appeal. It brings versatility to the mix because with this one mix you can make cupcakes, layer, sheet, mini cakes, and much more. 

There are just one- two-three steps: Just add eggs, water and oil, mix, and bake!

Bake and Freezstable.

HALAL certified.

Benefits of using Dawn:

  • Fast and easy
  • Fantastic taste (moist, soft, and even crumb texture)
  • Consistent (its high tolerance to difference, lets you recreate the same delicious desserts over and over again)
  • Excellent volume
  • Good shelf life.

Packing: 1 bag x 500 g [REPACKED]

Brand: Dawn Foods (USA)


DAWN Richcreme Base Cream Cake Mix: 500 g

Whole Eggs: 175 g

Water: 112 g

Vegetable Oil: 150 g

Working Method:

Stage 1

DAWN Richcreme Base & Whole Eggs -- Mix 1 minute on low speed. 

Then, mix 3 minutes on medium speed. 

Stage 2

Add vegetable oil and water

Mix 2 minutes on low speed.

Pour into mould and bake at 190°C

Packing: 1 bag x 500 g [REPACKED]

Brand: Dawn Foods (USA)

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