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Chefmaster, Water Base, Liqua Gel Colors Set, 8 Colors

RM 113.80

Water Base, Liqua Gel Colors Set

Assorted Color Pack

8 popular colors in squeeze bottles

Chefmaster liqua-gel® is food coloring at its finest. These colors are highly concentrated, vibrant colors mix easily and provide consistent tones without altering the texturing of your product.


     •   Vibrant colors

     •   Will not break down icings

     •   Fade and bleed resistant

     •   Easy clean up

     •   High concentrated color for cost efficiency

     •   Gluten Free

Set Contains 7 Colours:

     •   Rose Pink, 2.3 Oz

     •   Sky Blue, 2.3 Oz

     •   Sunset Orange, 2.3 Oz

     •   Lemon Yellow, 2.3 Oz

     •   Violet, 2.3 Oz

     •   Leaf Green, 2.3 Oz

     •   Christmas Red, 2.3 Oz

     •   White, 3.5 Oz

Packing: 1 box x 8 bottles

Brand: Chefmaster 

Made in USA


chefmater liqua gel colour set 8.png