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CHEFMASTER, Decorating Pen, Food Writer Marker, Dual Tip,10 Colors

RM 56.90

Decorating Pen, Food Writer

10 color set

Colors: Red, Violet, Black , Orange, Green , Yellow, Brown, Blue , Pink and Dark Green 


  • These edible ink pens are a fun way to add color and decorations to a variety of your cookies candies treats and more
  • These pens are dual tipped with a fine point and wide tipped point
  • Package contains 10 food decorating pens in assorted colors
  • Country of origin: united states

Chefmaster Edible Food Coloring Decorating Marker Pens, Set of 10 Colors - 

The fun, safe and easy way to create edible masterpieces using your own personal touch!

Chefmaster Food Decorating Pens can be used to decorate and write on a variety of delicious treats! Chefmasters famous food colors have been incorporated into double tipped pens, allowing you to create custom designs on your edible creations. Use just like you would a regular pen or marker to decorate icing fondant, cookies, gum paste, frostings, pastries and more!

Versatile dual tipped edible marker pens with both thick and fine tips. 

The smooth wide tip pen side allows you to easily color and shade. The soft wide thick tip works almost like a paint brush, which makes it easy for you to to create medium to broad lines depending on the angle of the pen stroke. The fine tips are exceptional for adding precise letters and intricate details to any treats. Pens also work great for stenciling and outlining designs. Note: wipe pen tips clean after using; carefully replace caps and store them in a cool dry place.

Premium decorating pens that provide exceptional vibrant visual results on almost any treat!

Pens are ideal for decorating treats like fondant, cookies, gum paste, frostings, icing, pastries, donuts, petit fours, white chocolate, marshmallows, fruits, vegetables and more! The pens can also be used on most smooth dry food surfaces like crackers, bagels, pita chips, wafers or even hard cheeses.


Packing: 1 packet x 10 pens

Brand: Chefmaster 

Made in USA