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Cake Decorating Airbrush Gun Kit With 0,3mm and 0,5mm and 0,8mm Nozzle

RM 173.10

Cake Decorating Airbrush Gun Kit

Airbrush Gun Kit with nozzle 0.3mm en 0,5mm Super fine spray gun, Trigger Action Airbrush BD-116K comes complete with two interchangeable paint cups (2, 5 and 13 cc). 

Airbrush gun holder provides good handling, control and comfort.

Comprehensive and super nice aibrush kitwhich is supplied as a complete airbrush kit.
This luxury airbrush kit comes in a practical plastic box with wide range of accessories.
Thanks to the many accessories supplied the tool is multi-functional. 

This complete kit comes with three needles and nozzles (0.3 - 0.5 -0,8mm) 0.5mm mounted on delivery. 

Product Code: NHS-116AK

Kit includes:

     •   1 gun

     •   1 air hose

     •   3 nozzles

     •   3 jars

     •   3 needles

Packing: per set