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Bread Box - Rye Rex Bavarian

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Bread Box - Rye Rex Bavarian

What's in the box?

125gm Rye Dark Mix
375gm high protein flour
1 sachet yeast (11gm)

What you'll need from home

340gm water (approximately)

How to make your Rye Rex Bavarian Bread

1. Mix all the ingredients in slow speed until a dough is formed
2. Turn to fast speed, mix until dough becomes elastic
3. Rest the dough for 25-30 minutes
4. Cut the dough to 400gm/pc
5. Intermediate proof for 25-30 minutes
6. Shape the dough
7. Spray water on top, roll over the bread topping, then put in a baking tray (or bread tin)
8. Proof the dough until double in sizes (around 50-60 minutes)
9. Preheat the oven at 230°C
10. Drop temperature to 200°C and bake with steam for 30-35 minutes