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F.DICK, American Style, Butcher Knife, 26cm, Blue Handle (Ergogrip)

RM 164.40

Product Description

American Style Butcher Knife, 26cm - ErgoGrip Series 

Blue Handle


Type: Butcher Knife, American Style

Length: 26 cm

Blade material: High Carbon No Stain German Steel

Handle material: Solid plastic

Handle colour: Blue

Series: Ergogrip


ErgoGrip knives are hygienic cutting tools for the professional work environments. This sharp and highly ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free working. Dick Butcher Knives undergo critical manufacturing process, using state of the art equipment to give the highest quality and durability.

Dick handles are moulded using a special method that gives a seamless connection between blade and handle. The hygienic handle is made from high-quality, non-slip and durable plastic without abrasion. These knives are dishwasher-safe and heat resistant up to 150°C. 

Butcher Knife 

Butcher knives are designed and used primarily for butchering meat.

Packing: per piece

Brand: F.Dick (Germany)